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Episode 1Edit

There's a difference between bullying and joking around. He just doesn't get it, sir.

I could tell him a knock knock joke and he'd start fucking crying 'cause he's a homo.

It's not appropriate because he's homo.

Was it fun for Ben?Doug
Yes, he just didn't get that it was fun.Jonah

Ohhh miss, you farted! Miss just farted!

I don't want to go to time out. It's not my fault you farted.

Teachers at this school are so racist. They always blame me for shit. If anything ever happens in school, teachers go "Jonah, he must have done it."

Sorry, miss. I'm just allergic to some shit up here. I must be allergic to your fart, miss.

Why don't you smile for once miss. Have you got your period or what, miss?

We have a rule where we're not allowed to go within 10 meters of the fence, in case we beat the shit out of pedestrians and stuff and kids.

This is my one - "dicktation". So it's a dick, and then you just write "tation."

Don't look at my dick, sir! Sir, you'll look like a poofter, don't look at me!

Ben says that you were the ringleader, Jonah. He says that you threw his bag over the train line.Doug
Yeah, it was supposed to be funny! He just didn't laugh.Jonah

How is it ok for you to bully Ben?Doug
Cause he's a ranga.Jonah
A what?
A ranga, sir. 'Cause he's got red hair, "Orangutan." That's what we called him.
And does that make it ok for him to be bullied, because he has red hair?
Well people are racist to us, so we can be racist to rangas.
But redheads aren't a race, Jonah.
But, sir, there's heaps of them. They're everywhere!Leon

Sorry, homo.Jonah
No, Jonah, that's not acceptable. Try again.Doug
Sorry, ranga.

Sorry, Ben - motherfucker!

Sir, what's the difference between a dick and a penis?

They don't understand that I'm just choosing to be dumb. I'm not dumb. I'm just choosing not to be smart at the moment, but if I put in effort, then I could be really smart, but I choose not to.

I said I fucking love you.

Episode 2 Edit

Can't you take a joke? Have you got your period or something miss?

If that's being disruptive, then... fuck you, that's not being disruptive that's entertainment.

Here you go, homo.
Jonah, do not use that word in this class!Miss Wheatley
Why not? It's an English word and this is an English class.

Fuck you, miss!
Excuse me?Miss Wheatley
I said 'Puck you' with a 'P'.

If you fuck up in school, you're going to fuck up in life. And that's fucked.Luke

Were there girls in your jail?
You're going to end up being my girl, in a minute.Luke

Man boobs. What are they? Where do they come from?Doug

If I could read, then I could read books all day. I could read, like, Harry Potter in a day.

Episode 3Edit

Piss off, year sevens!

It's not cum, it's just milk or some shit!

So what if I spoofed on my pants?

Your mom's dead! Fuck you!

Miss! This is homo music! Put some hip hop on.

Episode 4Edit

Sir, how do you spell "fuck him up"?

I didn't fucking touch his fucking dick you fuck!Jonah's dad

Episode 5Edit

You got a fucking ranga and a fat one.

Shut the fuck up! They're not my friends, motherfucker! I have to do it as a program. They're homos! [To year sevens] So, Pedophile Pete said that you've got social problems or some shit?

They call me fatty.Lucas
They call me ranga.Elliot
They call me gay.Kane

I just made a comment about him being fat. He is, sir. Look at him.
Jonah, I gave him to you because he's not coping socially.Doug
He called me a lardass homo.Lucas
As a joke, idiot.

You said a whale must have fucked a whale to get that much blubber.Leon

He lifted my t-shirt and said I have manboobs.Lucas

B4 I root you, are you over 16? Get it?Leon

Your boobs look fine. We're waiting for you.

I want to draw my dick on you.

How do you know what my ass looks like, sir? Have you been thinking about it?

Episode 6Edit

Polynesian, baby. Polynesian, baby. 
I'm a FOB, I'm a FOB. 

All I learned in this big bad school, 
don't wanna fuck up, I know it's not cool.

Polynesian, baby. Polynesian, baby. 
I'm a FOB, I'm a FOB. 

I come from the islands, and that's no excuse
My culture is better than any of youse

Polynesian, baby. Polynesian, baby. 
I'm a FOB, I'm a FOB. 

Being a Poly, oh my golly
Just because I'm black, it's me you cannot hack
Being a Poly, oh my golly

Polynesian, baby. 
Why don't you go fuck your own ass?

I had to go see Miss Murray and she said that my dad had to pay for the lockers to be fixed and repainted and shit, and dad said fuck off to them.

I don't even care if you send me back to Tonga. There's mad break-dancers in Tonga.

Episode 7Edit

Don't walk next to me, it looks gay.

Aussies are shit break-dancers.

The only rule is that you have to be Aussie to be in it. So no wogs or FOBs.Kieran

We grew here, you flew here. Islander chicks have dicks.Graffiti

What about "Gumnut Cottage Wicked Day"?

Episode 8Edit

Being a FOB is mad because you are good at break-dancing. You are good at being tough. Teachers at this school are gay. All of them think they know shit, but they don't. Except Mrs. Palmer who is mad. And I am fully grateful for her wasting her time with me. Now I can read. And in Tonga I will books every day. The end.

Fuck you, car! Come and get me, car! Take a look at that, driver. Get a sense of humor car! Don't you even know what fun is?